The projects highlighted below are representative of the transformative work in which the principals of ASH and HSH have engaged. Click the to learn more about each project.

Adaptive Reuse – Redevelopment

ASH believes there is no greater opportunity to impact the built environment than adaptive reuse and redevelopment. The reuse of an existing building, for a purpose other than which it was originally built – a higher and better use, also leverages existing infrastructure. ASH’s commitment to this rewarding concept can be seen throughout our portfolio. It is, in our mind, the ultimate form of recycling.


The aggregation of individual tracts of land and buildings is a core competency of ASH. Joining several parcels, to form a larger parcel, can offer higher development potentials and valuations. The “how, when and where” of employing this strategy is a key expertise of ASH. Analogous to the wisdom of crowds, it is the knowledge and implementation of this “art” that differentiates ASH. The principals of ASH are always searching for the simplest solution to the complicated situation. Our goal is to provide the most beneficial outcome to ALL parties involved.

Health Care

ASH’s legacy is grounded in provision of MOBs to the medical community. With the footprint of “mix of use” development being adopted on and around hospital campuses, ASH has a unique opportunity to leverage our varied health care development experience. Building on our patient provider relationships, the goal of this business line is to develop and manage creatively planned health care anchored spaces that truly incorporate “live, work, and play”.

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